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“Well, bust my buttons! … That’s a horse of a different color! Come on in!”

The Wizard of Oz

This site contains resources for both teachers and students to enhance the new ENG 101 textbook, Horse of a Different Color: English Composition and Rhetoric. We had hoped to get this web site fully developed, but creating the textbook took longer than we expected. This site will eventually include more resources to support the textbook: extra professional examples for each essay, extra handouts, presentations and exercises.

The goal for the new textbook was to produce a text that met the MCCCD course competencies while reflecting the PVCC English Division’s approach to ENG 101. We wanted to do all that while keeping the cost of the textbook per student under $40.00. With this in mind, we excluded any professional samples that charged too much per printing. Below is a .pdf file of the textbook. The professional readings have been removed due to copyright issues; however, links to the professional readings are available.

We also did not include a lot of handouts, lectures or exercises in the textbook in order to keep the cost down figuring we could include more of those examples here.

This Fall 2016, we will develop a companion Canvas course utilizing the new text, so be sure check back for updates.

We hope you enjoy the new textbook and web site. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or ideas for enhancing this work in progress.

The Text

Horse of a Different Color: English Composition & Rhetoric (without professional readings)

Professional Readings


Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll” by Michael Luo and Mike Mcintyre

Death and Justice” by Edward Koch

Causal Analysis Essay

Innocents Afield” by Buzz Bissinger

Why We Keep Stuff” by Caroline Knapp

The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science” by Chris Mooney

War of the Worlds Broadcast Causes Panic” by Jennifer Rosenberg

Comparison Essay

Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts” by Bruce Catton

Neat People Versus Sloppy People” by Suzanne Britt


Narrative Essay

Coming into Language” by Jimmy Santiago Baca

The Scholarship Jacket” by Marta Salinas



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